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Welcome to Motor City Rustproofing, your frontline defense against rust and corrosion.

Utilizing the revolutionary NH Oil Undercoating® and Boss Wax, we shield your vehicle from the elements, ensuring longevity and durability.

Our Commitment

Oil-based rustproofing offers unmatched vehicle protection, featuring the cutting-edge, eco-friendly NH Oil Undercoating®. This robust, solvent-free barrier outperforms traditional methods by penetrating rust down to the base metal, displacing moisture, and halting oxidation. Its unique self-healing property repairs abrasions, ensuring durability even under severe conditions. Employed by Metro Detroit's certified specialists, including the use of Boss Wax, this method extends vehicle lifespan significantly, making it a superior choice for rust and corrosion prevention.


Our Process

Embracing a process that's anything but outdated, our oil-based undercoating technique displaces moisture and cuts off oxygen supply to rust. Our oil-based undercoating technique is a game-changer when it comes to protecting your vehicle from rust and corrosion. By applying a specially formulated oil coating to the undercarriage of your vehicle, we can effectively displace moisture and cut off the oxygen supply that is necessary for rust to form. This annual ritual is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your vehicle, especially in the face of harsh conditions.

Why Choose Motor City Rustproofing

At Motor City Rustproofing, we don't just treat cars; we safeguard futures. Our process, developed through years of expertise, ensures your vehicle's protection is not just applied but embedded, with NHOU® Protectives leading the charge. Dive into an experience where tradition meets innovation, and care meets craft.

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Great response time...

Motor City Rustproofing had a great response time when setting up an appointment. They sent reminders and instructions on what needed to be done before hand. Very professional when I got there and a nice little waiting area while I waited. The job was done in a timely manner and done well.

- Deidre B


All trouble areas are fully covered...

Scheduling the appointment was quick and easy. Several reminder notifications and instructions were sent ahead of time to know what to expect. The service took about 1.5hrs and looks great. All trouble areas are fully covered.

- Joshua J


Highly recommended!

Great! I went to Motor City Rustproofing after a recommendation, and was not disappointed. I was in and out very quickly, and the guys were very professional and answered all my questions. On top of it all, the price didn’t break the bank. Highly recommended!

- Jim H

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