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Explore the pinnacle of vehicle protection with Motor City Rustproofing's state-of-the-art NHOU products, delivering unmatched rust-proofing and undercarriage safeguarding for your cherished vehicle.


NH Oil Undercoating: The Shield for Every Vehicle

Our NH Oil Undercoating is a testament to our innovative approach, offering exceptional rust and corrosion protection for both new and used vehicles. Ideal for cars already facing the onset of rust, this oil-based formula provides a robust barrier, meticulously designed to penetrate and protect, not merely covering but actively combating rust. By opting for this treatment, you're choosing a dynamic defense mechanism that adapts to your vehicle's needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage without the necessity for frequent underbody washes. Its unique formulation congeals to form a durable shield, safeguarding your vehicle's undercarriage against the ravages of salt, moisture, and road debris, all while maintaining the vehicle's aesthetic and structural integrity.


NHOU Boss Wax N' Oil: The Elite Guard

For those with brand-new, rust-free vehicles, the NHOU Boss Wax N' Oil offers an elite layer of protection. This innovative blend combines the best of both worlds — the robust, moisture-displacing properties of oil and the sleek, clean finish of wax. Applied once, it lays down a permanent shield, equipped with a transferable lifetime warranty, signifying not just a service but a lasting commitment to your vehicle's care. Subsequent touch-ups every other year ensure the internal cavities remain protected, keeping rust at bay and maintaining your vehicle’s pristine condition. This option is for discerning owners who seek not just maintenance, but an investment in their vehicle's longevity and beauty.

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