NHOu Boss wax n' oil

Exclusive Boss Wax™ Coating For New Vehicles Only

We are the rust prevention experts. All we do is rustproofing.

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BOSS WAX™ is a fast-curing, powerful, heavy-duty rust protectant, professionally applied to the undercarriage of new vehicles to provide lifetime protection against corrosion.

The exclusive Boss Wax™ coating provides lifetime protection and is backed by a transferrable warranty when applied by an NHOU® Authorized Applicator. After NHOU® Boss Wax™ is applied to all external undercarriage parts, NHOU® Clear Oil Undercoating is sprayed into all cavities and moving parts to complete the process.

When BOSS Wax is fully cured, it presents a non-tacky, extremely durable, and almost “elegant” black coating that will stand up to the toughest of environmental conditions.


  1. Applies only to new vehicles—the surface must be dry, clean, and completely rust-free. The process takes 7 days for proper application.

  2. The undercarriage is cleaned of any road salt or liquid de-icing materials, grease is removed and dries overnight.

  3. Vehicle is taped off / foiled to protect any overspray onto glass, painted surfaces, exhaust, electrical connectors, and fan belts.

  4. The undercoating is applied by our professionally trained personnel.

  5. Time is allowed for full curing then overspray coverings are removed.

  6. After NHOU® Boss Wax™ has cured, NHOU® Clear Oil Undercoating is applied to all cavities—avoiding exhaust system and rubber weather-stripping.

  7. 12 to 24-month inspections should be performed—reapplying NHOU® Boss Wax™ to any breaches in the surface, and spraying NHOU® Clear Oil Undercoating in all cavities.

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